Single Page Settings

When you create or edit a page, you have an extra field at the bottom of the page edit screen,
to define options for just that single page. Have a look at the screenshot:

Single page settings

The single page settings in detail


  • Slideshow on/off
  • Slideshow category
  • Slideshow: use custom post types, pages or external urls via custom fields
  • Slideshow style: full width or with preview
  • Slideshow caption on/off
  • Define the sliding time
  • Slideshow order of posts/pages
  • Amount of posts/pages
  • List posts under that page
  • Select a style for listing the posts
  • Select category of posts
  • Select amount of posts
  • Page templates: sidebars left, right, left and right, or no sidebars


Your custom url in the slider

You can also link a custom url in each slide of your slideshow by adding a custom field
and name it “my_url” to your posts and adding your url.
Remember, you have to add this custom field for every post you want to display in the slider!